In my artistic process, I prioritize the act of releasing any feelings of self-doubt or hesitation. It is crucial for me to let go of overthinking and trust in the creative flow, allowing my best work to come forth naturally. Nature serves as my sanctuary, a space where I can connect with the wonders and vitality of the world around me. Whether I am engaged in painting, drawing, or sculpting, the outdoors play a significant role in fueling my inspiration and determination. This method not only brings me immense joy and a sense of accomplishment but also results in art that is truly heartfelt and authentic, reflecting my genuine artistic essence.
In my diverse body of work, I meticulously integrate oil and acrylic paints with watercolor, ink, charcoal, and paper to amplify the complexity that mixed media lends to my creations. Each piece I craft delves into the finer representations of vibration, energy, and dimensions, encapsulating a vibrant interplay of diverse elements. Within my artistry, I navigate various styles, moving fluidly between figurative, expressionism, and abstract approaches to probe the depths of visual expression and challenge the boundaries of artistic exploration with consistent professionalism and dedication to honing my craft.
Most of my artwork revolves around capturing the essence of human emotion and experience. I am constantly seeking to delve into the depths of the subconscious mind in order to create pieces that resonate with viewers on a deeper level. With a primary focus on the human experience, my artwork aims to encapsulate the depths of these unseen feelings. By adopting a non-judgmental approach, I allow myself to grasp these intangible emotions and let my instincts serve as the compass during the creative journey. As I go through this process, the visuals become brighter and more vivid, bringing a spark to a place I've never explored before. It gives me a sense of profound liberation and connection to the core of human existence through artistic expression.

Anabella Rainer stands is an accomplished artist based in the US, renowned for her diverse portfolio displayed both nationally and internationally. Her diverse portfolio showcases various styles, including figuration, expressionism, and abstraction, demonstrating her versatile talent. Beginning her artistic journey at the Ruben Dario Art Academy at the age of 8, Anabella further honed her skills at the University of Visual Arts in Argentina. She has received recognition for her work, such as winning a prestigious contest to exhibit "Woman Seated in a Beautiful Garden" at the 60th International Biennale Venezia 2024 and being selected to showcase "Fine Lines" at the Juried Art Exhibition 2023 at Moah Cedar. Anabella's "Faces" series recently appeared in the 5th Edition of Vogue and was featured at the renowned Gallery Boomer in London.
Anabella's dedication to pushing her creativity to new heights is widely recognized. She fearlessly delves into unknown territory, trying out fresh techniques and constantly expanding her skill set. Her journey towards artistic greatness is not just about achieving success, but also about the pure delight of self-discovery and expression. With a calm confidence, Anabella embraces the creative process, constantly uncovering new levels of inspiration and sharing her passion for art with those around her.
LACMA-Los Angeles County Museum of Art-Printmaking- 2012-2013
Teale Street Studios-Sculpture, Los Angeles-2009-2012
University of Visual arts,  Argentina — 1996-1999
Art Academic Ruben Dario, Argentina-1989-1995

Group Show "60th International Biennale Venezia 2024", Venezia, Italy 2024
Group Show "6000 Circles" Beverly Hills Art Show, Beverly Hills 2024
Group Show "6000 Circles" Range Projects Gallery, Los Angeles 2024
Group Show Red Dot Miami Art Week, Miami Florida 2023
Group Show "Time" Laguna Art Gallery, Mission Viejo, CA 2023
Group Show Art On Loop Europe, Paris 2023
Group Show Art On Loop Europe, Brussels 2023
Group Show Art On Loop Europe, Amsterdam 2023
Group Show Juried Art Exhibition Moah Cedar Museum Lancaster, USA 2023
Group Show  ArtExpo Basel 2023
Group Show  Finity Gallery, Berlin Germany 2023
Group Show  Art Expo Gallery, New York 2023
Group Show  Jonathan Schultz Gallery, Miami 2023
Group Show  Los Angeles Art Lab California 2023
Group Show  Thomson Gallery, Switzerland 2023
Group Show Vogue 5th Edition, Boomer Gallery, London 2022
Commission Artworks for Film "A Girl Upstairs", Los Angeles 2022
Group Show The Queen, International, 2022
Group Show Grand Prize, International 2022
Group Show Artistonish Magazine International, 2022 
Group Show Diversia UN International, Canada 2022 
Group Show Laguna ART Gallery, Mission Viejo, CA 2021
Group Show-New York Art Gallery, NY Tribeca 2020
Group Show-Montclair Gallery, NJ 2020
Group Show- Art Share LA Gallery, Los Angeles 2019
Group Show- Los Angeles Art Walk Gallery, Los Angeles 2018
Group Show- Cordoba Gallery, Argentina 1999

Art Director — 2005-Present
Features Film, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Theater.
Costume Designer — 2008-Present
Features Film, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Theater.

Additional SKILLS
Photographer,  Actor,  Director.
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