When I immerse in the water, I find myself in this another world that I can be without fear. That resounding silence gives well-being to my soul. I take my brush, and I slide it freely like waves meeting each other. 
Still, nothing is certain; there is no plan; but the feeling of capturing that world that I perceive parallel to me and challenging to explain. 
Vibration, Energy, dimensions, parallel worlds are shown in my works.
My beings from Mars have souls. We all are connected.
My paintings, sculptures, prints reflect what we don't see in the superficial; they show that hidden face of being that unfathomably screams to be heard and exists for others.

Anabella Rainer is a multifaceted artist of Italian-Argentine origin.In her formative years, Anabella studied at the 
Art Academy Of Ruben Dario and the University of VisualArts in Argentina. A painter in her own right, she
employs her knowledge in sculpture, painting, printmaking, and film to design-build sets for numerous
projects. The last two projects, "Red" and "In the Sunset with my Other Side," were exhibited at the Los
Angeles art walk in Downtown LA and New York Art gallery, Tribeca.  
Anabella has employed her creative skills as an Art Director, Set Designer, and Costume Designer.

LACMA-Los Angeles County Museum of Art-Printmaking- 2012-1013
Teale Street Studios-Sculpture, Los Angeles-2009-2012
University of Visual arts,  Argentina — 1996-1999
Art Academic Ruben Dario, Argentina-1989-1995

Group Show-Virtual- Laguna ART Gallery, Mission Viejo, CA 2021
Group Show-New York Art Gallery, NY Tribeca 2020
Group Show-Montclair Gallery, NJ 2020
Group Show- Art Share LA Gallery, Los Angeles 2019
Group Show- Los Angeles Art Walk Gallery, Los Angeles 2018
Group Show- Cordoba Gallery, Argentina 1999

Art Director — 2005-Present
Features Film, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Theater.
Costume Designer — 2008-Present
Features Film, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Theater.

Additional SKILLS
Photographer,  Actor,  Director.
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